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Game Programmer


Game Programmer – Join Our Team!

Role: C# Unity Programmer | Type: Contract | Location: Remote

Company: Beach Interactive, creators of On My Own, seeks a skilled game programmer to contribute to the sequel, On My Own: New Frontier. Work remotely with flexible hours.


  • Skills: Proficient in C#, Unity Engine.
  • Experience: 3+ years in C# and Unity.
  • Projects: Background in long-term game development (1+ year).
  • Code: Create clean, understandable code.
  • Communication: Collaborative and open to feedback.
  • Availability: Able to communicate within 8am – 5:30pm CST (USA).


  • Develop game systems & mechanics in Unity.
  • Implement design specs and work within existing framework.
  • Use Git for source control, Asana for task tracking.
  • Provide technical insights to creative team.
  • Engage via Discord/Slack & weekly calls

BONUS SKILLS (optional)

  • Familiarity with survival, RPG, or simulation games.
  • Knowledge of optimizing Unity for different platforms.
  • Familiarity with On My Own game mechanics.


  • Contract: Full or part-time, remote.
  • Commitment: 2 to 4+ months, ≥ 20 hours per week
  • Pay: Hourly rate, negotiated based on experience.
  • Potential for future opportunities.


Email resume, portfolio, and relevant work to [email protected].


On My Own: New Frontier

In Development | Platforms: Steam, iOS, Android, TBA

“Make your own way through the wilderness: build a cozy cabin or take your tent to discover more. Retro vibes and evergreen optimism ensoul this survival adventure featuring clever craftables, curious critters, and a handful of inspiring landmarks tucked away throughout.”

On My Own

Released 2016, Re-released 2020 | Platforms: Steam, iOS, Android

“Craft your own tools and manage your resources in this tranquil survival adventure. Charming naturescapes and original music frame your quest to conquer the mountain as you endeavor to make the most of your “one wild and precious” life.”